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Monthly Archives: October 2013

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You may not have noticed, but its raining pattern packs and pattern booklets! There are a variety of pattern packages available to choose from. I think my favorite are the gift sets like:

Sparkling Diamond or

Pineapple Treasures for the Home.

Now if you’re looking for Christmas projects, my favorite are:

Teddy Bear Winter Collection

and Pineapple Lace Christmas.

But there are plenty of others to choose from! Where can you find these little hidden treasures? Check the left menu tab and look under “Other Categories” and select: “Crochet Booklets/Packs” and start browsing!

Happy Holidays!


And the times, they are a change-en….

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For some reason, those lyrics just jumped in my head!  But what I’d really like to share is a fun poem written by Lindy. 


A Fresh, New Website

I often check this website

to see if anything is new


Today I found some patterns,

and the website is new too.


Everything is right up front,

so clean, so easy, and quick


So browse the categories

and buy your favorite pick


I find it hard not to buy

all the patterns that I see


But I dearly love them

It’s as if they were made for me


Written by:  Lindy Hicks for (Cylinda Mathews)

October 18, 2013